Meet Our Founder

I grew up in a small town near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Pão de Queijo, or Brazilian style cheese puffs, are enjoyed in just about every home with a cup of coffee for impromptu guests, or with jam or Nutella® as a snack for kids. So when I moved to the United States in search of opportunity and higher education, cooking and eating together with my friends and family made me feel connected and fulfilled, even though our lives are busier and more hectic here.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and Vita Pura is a natural extension of my entrepreneurial roots; my pride as a female business owner coupled with a passion for great food is what inspires me to offer you the highest quality, delicious cheese puffs available.

For me, food is family. I would make these cheese puffs for my kids as a ritual on Sunday mornings when we could all take a few minutes to relax and enjoy each other's company without rushing around.  And now, after making these together a number of times, my children make them for me - what a treat! Making and eating these cheese puffs is now a tradition in my family, and I hope they’ll find a home in yours as well.



— Vanessa Jahara